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Where is the time going?! It is already March, soon we will begin the reflecting season of Lent. As much as I love Advent, I find Lent to be even more important to me personally as I envision Jesus walking the roads, meeting the people, healing the sick, caring for the lost and alone. My soul cries out for a deeper understanding of who I am supposed to be as a citizen of the family of God. God’s son gave up his life for me. How do I know that I am worthy of such a gift?

Then I remember the woman with the bottle of perfume, the story told in Matt. 26. She brought her alabaster jar filled with a very expensive perfume. This would have been a prized possession. The alabaster jar would have had to be broken open to get to the perfume, so all the perfume had to be poured out. The jar could not be re-sealed. The disciples were upset. Why didn’t she sell the jar of perfume and give the money to the poor? But Jesus stopped them as he pointed out she had done a good thing for him, anointing him before his up-coming death. We are worthy of Jesus’ gift to us when we are willing to share a gift with him. So if I give a gift to Jesus, a complete gift, a total gift, I might be worthy of receiving his gift for me. I can preach a sermon, but is that enough? I can lead a Bible study, but is that enough? I can encourage one who is discouraged, but is that enough? No, it isn’t.
You see, Jesus gave up all he had, all he was, his total earthly life for me, and for you. And we tend to try to find just a piece of our lives for him. Until we are willing to turn the wholeness of our life over to him, we fall short of being worthy.

But the great news is that Jesus doesn’t count worthiness the way we all count worthiness. For Jesus, if I – if you – seek to try our very best to live our lives in ways that will lead others to follow him, we will be seen as those worthy of his incredible sacrifice. If we are ready to allow Jesus to open a new path for us, we will be worthy of his gift for us.

I invite you to start during the month of March to take a good long look at yourself. Are you giving a good gift to Jesus? In the words of the song, “I’ll tell the world that I’m a Christian, I’m not ashamed his name to bear,” are you sharing or might you at times be hiding? This sharing is our worthy gift.

Will you be supporting the Lenten Lunches starting on March 7? Will you be seeking a deeper understanding of Jesus as we explore just a few of the many names of Jesus? Will you seek for, and identify, a richer understanding of who you are in this marvelous family of God? I pray that you will. God has plans for you. They won’t be old plans, and they will stretch you and lift you out of your current ruts. Find newness in serving Jesus this Lenten Season. Be the children of God!

Pastor Kathy

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